Amnon Pelz - General Manager and owner
Sima Goldstein - Manager in charge of business insurance and the Claims Department
Ruvena Debi - Manager of collections and the Accounting Department
Ronit Franko - Manager of the Life Insurance Sphere

The agency, presently headed by Amnon Pelz, was established in 1956
by his father, the late Aaron Pelz. The agency has a great deal of knowledge
which was accumulated in the family over decades, and it continuously updates
and develops high quality insurance products.
In addition to all aspects of insurance for companies and individuals,
the agency also specializes in special risks and unique insurance niches:
professional liability insurance for software companies, "executive liability"
insurance and environmental damage insurance, motor sports, computer system
failures and hacker attacks. Recently, it constructed a unique new system
for "intellectual property" insurance that is in great demand in the Israeli
high-tech market. Furthermore, the agency has developed special solutions
for pension plans integrated into executive insurance, with special emphasis
on self-employed professionals and company control holders.
The agency works with a number of insurance companies: Clal, Hadar, Ayalon,
Eliahu, Zion and Shiloah, the leading companies in their field in Israel.
It has extensive underwriting authority - enabling it to secure insurance terms
for it's clients at extremely attractive prices. Furthermore, the agency
has close ties and substantial experience with foreign underwriters,
including Lloyd's brokers and underwriters, enabling it to close extensive deals
in many fields. The knowledge and skills accumulated by the veteran,
experienced agency staff places service to its clients at primary priority
and they are at the client's disposal in all insurance spheres, including
decision making procedures and risk management.
The thousands of agency clients include Tia Investments, Communication
and Real Estate Corp., Ye'adim-Polaris Group, Yaskal Investment Group,
Deshe Group and many other companies from all sectors of the Israeli market.
Amnon Pelz is a certified agent and underwriter in all insurance fields
and has managed the agency since 1984.
In addition to acting as an insurance agent, Amnon fulfills a variety of public
positions including key positions in the Israeli Insurance Agents Association.
He presently presides over its internal tribunal.
He also lectures at the Israeli Insurance College and the College of Administration
and is a member of insurance organizations including Tel Aviv University Erhardt
Forum and the Israeli Association of Insurance Law.

Amnon Pelz Insurance Agency, 77 Osishkin St., Ramat-Hasharon. Tel: 03-5490117 Fax: 03-5400722 Email: